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Your mobile workforce is often out of the office on their own. The intranet app Qnnect connects staff members and enables secure internal communication based on their smartphones. This makes it easier to coordinate projects, jobs, schedules and allows your teams to find solutions quickly.


Engage your mobile employees with the Qnnect productivity App. The chat element seamlessly integrates into the life of your employees and allows them to reach the contacts they need when they need them. Increase reach and improve the information flow so that your staff can take action. Your employees give real time feedback in chat and messaging and contribute to their community, improving the employee experience. Qnnect gives you the power to create a business social network, with intuitive communication and rapid flow of information across hierarchies and teams.  
Give your mobile teams the information they need to succeed on the go.
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Targeted sharing

Your mobile workers are often on their own and need help to solve a problem. Connect teams and support functions with the Qnnect App and avoid overflowing email inboxes. The secure chat function with easily customized groups and instant messaging to the entire organization or select teams enable your workers to act quickly and stay fully compliant.
Give your mobile teams the information they need to succeed.
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Secure and Compliant

Enable your teams to securely exchange sensitive information. The Qnnect App is based on the highest standards for security in the industry and offers encrypted messaging. Designed in Switzerland, the app protects your data and keeps your data in your hands. Equip your sales teams with a mobile first internal communication tool that is fully compliant.
Secure communication by design.
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Empower and recognize your employees

Your staff drive a positive customer experience. Highlight and recognize positive experiences and behaviors. With the Qnnect App, you enable your staff to have the latest information at their fingertips. You can give feedback real time and share relevant information. Allow your teams to communicate effectively and increase employee motivation. Qnnect is your app for internal communication and collaboration, leading to excellent customer service.
Recognize and empower your employees.
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Learning made simple

Continuous learning should be engaging and fun! Enable social and m learning. Use the Qnnect App to train and develop your employees. Increase staff engagement and knowledge with Qnnect’s mobile learning and quiz function. Quickly create educational trainings that speed up onboarding of new staff members.
Engaging and cost-effective training for your entire staff. 
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Intuitive for users

Qnnect is easy. It’s intuitive. The Qnnect App is for everyone in your organization. Users of all backgrounds use it quickly and easily. This app works across all popular platforms and devices. We partner with you to support a smooth implementation and help you fully integrate Qnnect into your organization. This way you have a thoroughly positive experience. Your business results show the benefit.u to reach everyone, any time, any place - every day.
Reach your staff intuitively with the Qnnect App.
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In a first step, for the first time, we now have the possibility to contact all our co-workers in a fast and uncomplicated manner. Our co-workers are a lot on the road, and only a few have a computer workplace and an e-mail address. We are now all able to inform everybody and reach them with company-relevant information. The chat function is already actively being used and provides certainty that the chat content remains where it belongs. With the quizzes, we bring in a playful manner important overarching topics into the consciousness of all co-workers. We will continue to improve the internal communication and are happy that with Qnnect a very helpful tool and a good partner has been found.
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Camilla Grushka,
HRD Spitex Zürich Limmat

Internal communication was our biggest problem. Information given to managers and executives wasn’t making its way down the ranks. With the Qnnect mobile app, we were able to resolve this issue.

Now, every staff member with the app gets the information they need on a much more regular basis. We noticed positive results, including a more tightly-knit team and improved overall “team spirit.” Employees have an increased sense of belonging in the company and are eager to share the work they are proud of.

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Sandoz Foundation Hotels

Qnnect is a very nice tool and very easy to use - easier than other tools.

What I like the most is the Quiz function. It is so easy and fast to create a Quiz.

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Katharina Scherzer,
Assistant to Head of Sales CEET Siemens Healthineers 
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