Newsletters and emails hardly do justice to the networked and mobile working style of healthcare workers. The Qnnect app facilitates the exchange of information in small and large teams simply and efficiently: All employees are connected to each other - be it on the computer, tablet or smartphone. You can retrieve information at any time or exchange information via chat.
Digital improves efficiency.
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The chat program integrates seamlessly into the lives of employees, allowing you to reach the contacts you want at any time. The range is increased, the flow of information is improved and the internal exchange at eye level is promoted. Functions such as Like and commenting strengthen the sense of togetherness - a decisive advantage in times of staff shortages.  
Digital has the power to connect.
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X-ray images, patient reports - in the health care sector, sensitive data is constantly exchanged. Qnnect helps protect your organization's privacy. Data transfer is encrypted, on Swiss servers and in accordance with the globally proven ISO standard 27001, and the security program is regularly checked by customers and experts. 
None of these everyday communication channels are secure enough to share medical information.
Qnnect is secure.
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Gaming allowed! The Qnnect app can be loaded with a wide variety of content. For example, with a hand hygiene quiz that enables employees to acquire new knowledge in an entertaining way. In this way, you can make an uncomplicated contribution to the further training and integration of employees and support newcomers in their introduction.
Learn how gamification motivates and engages employees. Download the whitepaper.
Digital can be fun and engaging.
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Qnnect is easy. It’s intuitive. Whether most of your workforce is 18 or 65 years old, Qnnect is for everyone. It works across all popular platforms and devices, allowing you to reach everyone, any time, any place - every day.

Qnnect is available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia and Portuguese.

Digital is for everyone.
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For the first time, we have the possibility to contact all our co-workers in a fast and uncomplicated manner. With Qnnect, we are able to inform everybody of company-relevant information in real-time. The chat function is actively being used and provides certainty that the chat content remains where it belongs. With the quizzes, we bring important topics into the consciousness of all co-workers in a playful manner. We will continue to improve our internal communications with Qnnect. Qnnect is a very helpful tool - and a good partner.
Camilla Gruschka,
HRD, Spitex Zürich Limmat
We use Qnnect in the department for anaesthesia at the University Children's Hospital Basel. As a digital channel the app allows us to share information and knowledge to all our employees in a simple and fast manner.
UKBB photo
Dr. med. Eva-Maria Jordi, 
Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel
Spitex Zürich Limmat
Toby Carrington
Senior Vice President, Siemens Healthineers
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