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Are you really communicating or only providing information? Qnnect’s app enables your employees to communicate, collaborate and increase productivity in hospitals, medical practices and nursing care.

efficiency leads to better results

Efficient communication in Healthcare is vital for better patient outcomes. E-Mails, text messages and newsletters often do not address the needs of healthcare staff who are mobile. The Qnnect App allows the people to connect to those who they need to be connected to across your organization in a secure and efficient way. They can access the information they need and easily chat to obtain answers to critical questions.
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Mobile digital improves efficiency.
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Qnnect Application News Feed on smartphone about medical operation rooms
Qnnect application on smartphone concerning the secure exchange of a patient's file via the Chat function

access empowers employees

This is what a productivity app can do for employee engagement: Qnnect chat feature seamlessly integrates into the life of your employees and allows them to reach the contacts they need when they need them. By increasing reach, the flow of information improves and your staff have the information they need to take the necessary action. By being part of chat groups, your employees give real time feedback and contribute to their community, improving the employee experience and strengthening their bonds. Qnnect gives you the power to create a business social network, with intuitive communication and a rapid flow of information throughout all teams.
Give your employees the power to connect.
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secured data and communications

X-ray and MRI imaging data, patient files – communication in healthcare requires a different level of data sensitivity and data security. The Qnnect App allows hospitals, clinics, medical practices and nursing care organizations to protect their patients’ data, while communicating efficiently. Your data and communications are safe due to the encrypted messaging and data transfer, secured servers and ISO 27001 certified processes. The intranet app Qnnect safeguards your data and protects your privacy. We regularly update our security program and test it with security experts.
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None of these everyday communication channels are secure enough to share medical information.
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Qnnect is secure.
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Qnnect application quiz function for the medical industry

Learning can be fun

Inject a dose of gaming theory to your learning sessions and add a micro quiz to train your teams. Employees use the Qnnect App to engage with trainings that are relevant and fun. For example, raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene across your institution to prevent secondary infections. This training makes it easier for newly hired personnel to integrate and contribute value to your organization.
Learn how gamification motivates and engages employees. Download the whitepaper.
Digital can be fun and engaging.
Let us show you how.
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intuitive to use

Qnnect is easy. It’s intuitive. Qnnect App is for everyone in your organization, independent of background, training, age and role. The Qnnect App works across all popular platforms and devices. Going beyond the interface, we work with you to ensure a smooth implementation and full integration into your organization. So that your employees experience is at least as good as the one for your patients.

Qnnect is available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia and Portuguese.

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Digital is for everyone.
Let us show you how.
Qnnect application user profile on smartphone
Via the Qnnect App, employees can now stay in touch very easily. Important information can be shared instantly and with minimal effort via Chat or via Newsfeed. Thanks to Qnnect many processes are now digitalized. Information is up-to-date and immediately accessible on the tablet or mobile phone.
An additional benefit to using Qnnect is employee loyalty to the company.
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Vreni Britt,

Managing Director,
Spitex Sarganserland

For the first time, we have the possibility to contact all our co-workers in a fast and uncomplicated manner. With Qnnect, we are able to inform everybody of company-relevant information in real-time. The chat function is actively being used and provides certainty that the chat content remains where it belongs. With the quizzes, we bring important topics into the consciousness of all co-workers in a playful manner. We will continue to improve our internal communications with Qnnect. Qnnect is a very helpful tool - and a good partner.
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Camilla Gruschka,
HRD, Spitex Zürich Limmat
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Spitex Zürich Limmat
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Toby Carrington
Senior Vice President, Siemens Healthineers

Qnnect is a very nice tool and very easy to use - easier than other tools.

What I like the most is the Quiz function. It is so easy and fast to create a Quiz.

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Katharina Scherzer,
Assistant to Head of Sales CEET Siemens Healthineers 
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Hôpital Neuchâtelois

How can Qnnect help your organization take good care of your patients while ensuring privacy?
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