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Keep everyone informed and empower them to deliver seamless guest experiences.
Making sure everyone is aware of the latest developments is paramount to ensuring great guest experiences, but when your staff is spread across many locations and everyone is constantly on the go without regular access to email, it can be difficult to reach everyone to quickly coordinate activities. Empower your employees and ensure consistent service delivery with Qnnect, the social workplace app, that let’s you reach your entire workforce from the palm of your hand.

Reach everyone in seconds!

Let us show you how.

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Remember your staff is your direct line to your guests. They represent your establishment in everything they do. Make sure they are able to represent you with pride and that they feel positive about their work. Don’t take them for granted. Show them you care and give them the recognition they deserve.

Show you care! It only takes seconds.

Let us prove it to you.

At times, your employees need help to solve problems and they will need to reach out to their colleagues fast to learn what to do. Don’t let them resort to unsecure channels like WhatsApp. Give them the tools they need so they can achieve more with Qnnect! Qnnect instantly connects everyone, allowing seamless information, knowledge and best-practice sharing.

Empower your staff to achieve more.

Let us show you how.

Ensuring continuous learning and development for your employees is important. Increase staff engagement with Qnnect’s quiz function. Create fun and easy gamified learning experiences for everyone with ease at a fraction of the cost.

Provide cost effective training to everyone.

Let us prove it to you.

Qnnect is easy. It’s intuitive. Whether most of your workforce is 18 or 65 years old, Qnnect is for everyone. It works across all popular platforms and devices, allowing you to reach everyone, any time, any place - every day.

Reach everyone across devices.

Let us show you how.

Everyone can be more effective when they have access to the right tools and information, whenever and wherever they need to. All they need is a little encouragement from management and their colleagues. When work is fun, people feel more motivated and productive - and this will help you grow your business. 

Create a great workplace.

Try it for yourself!

Only 13%
of employees globally are truly engaged with their work
$450 - $550 billion
is what disengagement is costing employers per annum in the US alone.
of mobile devices can run the Qnnect app, allowing you to reach and engage your entire workforce.
With Qnnect a high adoption rate can be achieved within 3 months.
4 times
Users on average check their Qnnect newsfeed frequently per week.
Chester Elton, Apostle of Appreciation
Reach your entire workforce at a click of a button and deliver great guest experiences with Qnnect. Our purpose is to connect every employee and to make the digital social workplace accessible for everyone.
Connect with us, share your challenges and learn how we can make your life easier. No strings attached.
For the first time, we have the possibility to contact all our co-workers in a fast and uncomplicated manner. With Qnnect, we are able to inform everybody of company-relevant information in real-time. The chat function is actively being used and provides certainty that the chat content remains where it belongs. With the quizzes, we bring important topics into the consciousness of all co-workers in a playful manner. We will continue to improve our internal communications with Qnnect. Qnnect is a very helpful tool - and a good partner.
Camilla Gruschka
Director of Human Resources, Spitex Zurich Limmat
Internal communication was our biggest problem. Information given to managers and executives wasn’t making its way down the ranks. With the Qnnect mobile app, we were able to resolve this issue. Now, every staff member with the app gets the information they need on a much more regular basis. We noticed positive results, including a more tightly-knit team and improved overall “team spirit.” Employees have an increased sense of belonging in the company and are eager to share the work they are proud of.
Sandoz Foundation Hotels
Our customers can achieve a 95% adoption rate with Qnnect.
According to Gartner, new communications technology implementations do not achieve intended results 80% of the time due to inadequate leadership and an overemphasis on technology. At Qnnect, we focus on you and your organizational needs, because your success is our success. Discover how we support our Facilities Management customers to achieve their goals with our 5-step implementation process.
Define Strategic Goals
From the get-go, we will work with you to truly understand what problems we’re trying to solve and focus on achieving your goals from inception to implementation and beyond.
Set Up Project Team
Based on your objectives, we will work with you to establish the ideal project team to drive the implementation, making sure that we’re reaching your entire workforce - especially your remote workers.
Establish The Use Case
As part of your project team, we will fully uncover the optimal way Qnnect can be implemented to solve the challenges you want to address within your organization.
Design Action Plan
Based on all of the initial input, the action plan will be designed by the project team to successfully deploy Qnnect within your company.
Measure Impact
To ensure Qnnect is working for you and that are achieving the best results, we will measure results and help your project team stay on track.
Not sure how it will work for you organization?
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