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Why Qnnect?

Three essential mobile productivity tools. One place.

Use one, two, or all three for your organization.

1. Collaborate

Qnnect is instant encrypted messaging

An alternative to email, the Qnnect secure chat channel enables team members to send and receive encrypted messages to one another.

Sensitive, private, and essential information can be shared instantly and securely, and it never gets lost in an email inbox.

Send messages, documents, videos, and images, and create pulse surveys to get instant feedback from a single team member or groups of up to 30.

2. Learn

Instant training anywhere

Qnnect provides just-in-time delivery of highly useful, relevant information to each team member, helping each build knowledge and develop skills.

Team members use micro learning—short, digestible pieces of content such as games, quizzes, and newsfeeds—enabling them to focus on key information and quickly learn while on the go.

At the same time, they can compete with their fellow team members, track their progress, compare their scores on leader boards, and win badges based on what they've learned.

3. Appreciate

Qnnect is instant employee recognition

In a mobile work environment, not everyone is in the same place at the same time. Remote team members can feel isolated, underappreciated, and disengaged.

Peer-to-peer social recognition, using our Pat-on-the-Back app, helps build a positive work culture where individuals—wherever they're located—can be recognized. Their achievements can be celebrated frequently, and the whole team can be updated instantly.

It's a simple formula for successful employee recognition: Do it now, do it often, and share the good news.