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How Qnnect Works


Today, work is not a place you go, it's what you do. And, enabled by mobile devices, you can do it anywhere.

Qnnect is a productivity app engineered specifically for the mobile workforce, providing a meeting place to work together in real time, while exchanging important information to help keep business flowing, teams informed, and individuals engaged and feeling that their contributions are being recognized.

How Qnnect Works


A TalentMS survey found that 79% of people are more motivated to learn when their training is like a game.

Qnnect uses the elements of games—quizzes, rewards, and badges—to encourage employees to learn and put their knowledge into practice.

How Qnnect Works

Secure Communication

A closed, secure network that employs encrypted messaging provides the assurance of the safe exchange of sensitive information within an organization.

Qnnect has many requisite security features to help ensure secure instant messaging, including 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, Elliptical Curve Cryptography, and Key Exchange protocols. Qnnect is also HIPAA compliant.