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What is Qnnect?

The Employee Productivity App for Today's Mobile Work Environment

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Instant training anywhere.

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Instant encrypted messaging and file exchange.

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Instant social recognition for employees and peers.


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Who Uses Qnnect?

Healthcare Staff

Caregivers get secure, private access to patient information from anywhere—at the bedside or at their desks.

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Facilities Personnel

Maintenance, security, cleaning, and other support staff have a secure, instant connection to their companies and their colleagues at any time, wherever they are located.

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Sales reps get easy-to-learn product info when they're on the go.

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Hotel Staff

Maintenance, security, cleaning, and other administrative support staff have a secure, instant connection to their companies and their colleagues at any time, wherever they are located.

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Why Qnnect?

Does Anyone Have the Time?

Today's workplace is in a state of perpetual motion. We're constantly on the go and constantly running to catch up.

Our fuel to keep going? Knowledge, communication, and—also important—the recognition from our colleagues that wherever we're going, we're headed the right way.

Qnnect gives you the ability to securely communicate with colleagues. Have access to industry news, updates, and training materials. Even recognize a colleague for a job well done.

Qnnect makes the most of your time because it enables meaningful learning, dialogue, and appreciation for everyone in your organization, wherever they happen to be.



Enables a simple exchange of up-to-date information.


Efficient communication within the team—as individuals and as groups.


Quick feedback through the Chat channel.


Easy-to-create visuals, videos, and multiple-choice quizzes to motivate staff learning.


Instant recognition of individuals for the whole team to see.


Get immediate insights into activities as they happen.

Qnnect. Time Well Spent.

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What Qnnect Users are Saying

We implemented Qnnect’s solution across the South East Asian business in order to encourage collaboration, build team spirit and reinforce a culture of service excellence with our delivery drivers. Qnnect has become the communication link between the company and our field workers, who are not on the corporate email system. The ability to  reach the right people, at the right place at the right time with content that is relevant has been critical to driving strong user adoption.

Lou Milicevic, Managing Director, Toll Logistics

"Why Qnnect? It is a modern, attractive solution for sharing information and knowledge, which is especially suitable for a target group that is not working on the PC—much like our sales force."

Eva Krause, Globus

"Qnnect helps us to grow our field staff's knowledge without them having to put down their daily business. Hands-on knowledge transfer wherever you are."

Max Zeller, Söhne AG

Siemens chose Qnnect as our Sales Enablement platform globally, for three reasons. First, they have designed an incredibly intuitive set of content creation tools and fully branded end-user experience. Second, the reporting is highly customizable, with excellent quality data visualization tools. And finally, the founders of Qnnect have solid backgrounds in sales and marketing. That's meaningful because they truly understood our business challenges, and have shown a high degree of willingness to customize and create features to our specific needs.

Toby Carrington, Senior Vice President, Siemens

What amazed me about the Qnnect platform is that it immediately allowed everyone on our team to communicate with each other so easily. Colleagues were quick to recognize other colleagues for jobs well done, and it helped establish and nurture a culture of confidence and camaraderie that has been just fantastic! Qnnect became a natural part of the way we worked with one another at Unilever - just an excellent community builder!

Adam Djokovic, Managing Director, Unilever Food Solutions, Unilever